Our staff have worked in many world-class studios across the United States. They have brought their passion and knowledge of body piercing to the Tri-State area to offer a new level of quality that truly is the best in Chattanooga.  All of our piercers are members of the Association of Professional Piercers and constantly research medical parallels to body piercing as well as attending annual continuing education opportunities. 


Kelly Carvara. Owner + Piercer

Kelly Carvara studied biomedical engineering in college before deciding to pursue piercing as a lifetime career in 2009.  She then honed her skills under the watchful eye of APP President Jef Saunders at the world renowned Rockstar Body Piercing in Providence, Rhode Island.  After successfully completing her apprenticeship, she pierced at Rockstar for several years before migrating south.  

She has visited and pierced alongside many of the country's most well known piercers, in addition to having completed both basic and advanced piercing technique intensives led by one of the most notable figures in the body piercing world, Fakir Musafar

Kelly is a self-proclaimed "gym rat" and trains as a competitive arm wrestler in her spare time. She is also crazy about her dogs, Dixie and Bossman. Ask about them to see her light up!

Rhett Richardson. Jewelry Specialist

Description coming soon.

Why the Name Monarch?

  • Monarch butterflies are known for their ability to travel thousands of miles in their lives.  We love traveling and believe that sometimes happiness requires a journey (even if you don't go anywhere) to be realized in full.

  • Butterflies undergo a few transformations in their lives, and as such, have always been a metaphor for introspection,  growth, and self-improvement.  Just like caterpillars become beautiful creatures of flight, we enjoy helping our clients transform themselves by improving their appearance and overcoming their fear associated with body piercing.  

  • "Monarch" refers to royalty or a head of state.  We are all royalty in our own special way, and we all rule the "kingdom" of our own bodies.  Exercising our reign over ourselves shows that we hold ourselves in high esteem, and others should as well.