Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need An Appointment?

Walk-ins are accepted on a "first come - first served" basis if time is available between appointments. We cannot promise availability, so we always suggest booking an appointment.

If you would like to do more than one piercing, you will need to book more than one appointment. This includes if you would like to book for a group or if one person wants multiple piercings in one sitting.  This is to ensure everyone gets plenty of time devoted to them.

To thank you for booking an appointment online, we offer a $5 discount off our piercing fees! This is meant to encourage our clients to review our prices, policies, and ID requirements at their own pace.

Always feel free to call us -- we love to hear from everyone and will gladly help you with your appointment or answer questions.


How Do I set up an appointment?

Appointments can be booked using our online scheduling service »  or over the phone. Appointments cannot be created, rescheduled, or canceled via email or other online avenues, such as Facebook messenger.

To book a piercing appointment, we require a small deposit which will go toward your piercing fee. If you would like to get multiple piercings or book for multiple people, that would require an additional deposit to set aside the extra time for you.


can I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

The easiest way to do this is through the link provided in your email that confirms your appointment, but you can always call! Rescheduling can occur up to four (4) hours before an appointment. You will be unable to cancel or reschedule your appointment within four (4) hours of your appointment through this method and will only be able to call; you will also forfeit your deposit.

Full information about appointments, rescheduling, cancellations, and deposits can be found on our policies + terms page ».


How Much does a piercing cost?

Because we stock such a wide variety of jewelry options for initial piercings, we break our pricing down into two components: a service fee and the cost of jewelry.  

Most of our piercing fees start as low as $45. The jewelry prices can vary quite a bit. A more extensive list of our piercing fees can be found on our online scheduling service » . There is a discount offered for multiple piercings done in the same sitting. Please call for details and quotes.

Our jewelry pricing varies widely depending on material, size, and style.  Our most affordable jewelry options are still American made implant grade titanium that exceed the minimum standards for body jewelry set by the Association of Professional Piercers.

We accept all debit cards and credit cards, as well as cash and checks, and we can split charges however you may need. We also offer gift cards!


What do I needed to get a piercing?

Appointments are not required, but recommended. The only things required are suitable anatomy for a piercing and proper identification.

Proper identification must be presented before all piercing and jewelry changing procedures, even for returning clients. We recommend reading our terms and policies » for full information. Without all proper IDs, you may lose your deposit.

Any person 18 years of age or older getting pierced must present government-issued ID that has your photo, date of birth, and an expiration date (e.g. a driver's license, state identification card, passport, green card, military ID). Paper/temporary IDs are accepted. We cannot accept expired IDs under any circumstances.

For Minors/Under 18: We do not do any piercings on anyone under the age of 18 without a parent/legal guardian present and consenting, unless the minor is emancipated. No relative or other adult that is not the legal guardian may give consent for a minor. Legal proof of guardianship is required. Acceptable forms of identification are detailed on our terms and policies » page. Minors who have been emancipated will need to bring documentation of proof and may consent for themselves.

What are the age requirements for your piercings?

With all clients, the proper IDs are required. The previous section covers more on this topic.

We're very experienced with children and are always more than happy to be part of such a memorable experience!

  • We do not pierce infants for a variety of reasons. If you would like to discuss this more, please call and we can discuss!

  • Clients 5 years of age and up may receive ear lobe piercings.

  • Clients 12 years of age and up may receive earlobe and basic helix (cartilage of the ear) piercings.

  • Clients 15 years of age and older can enjoy our full range of services with the exception of larger gauge, surface, tongue, nipple or genital piercings.

  • Clients 18 years of age and older can enjoy our full range of services.

Our piercers reserve the right to make ethical decisions with minor clients and their guardians about what's best for their growing bodies.

Feel free to stop by for a free consultation any time.  This can help alleviate anxiety prior to being pierced, and allow any questions or concerns to be addressed in advance.  We've found this to be especially helpful for young children considering piercings.

do you allow children in the studio?

We do allow children and babies in our studio with adult supervision. We also ask that you respect our other clients at the studio by taking loud or hyperactive children outside until they can calm down or return another day. Our studio policy is “one adult per child”, and this does not include the adult or child who may be receiving the service. For example, if an adult comes in for a piercing and has a child with them, they would also need to bring another adult to watch the child during their service.

No member of our staff is responsible for watching unattended children. Parents/guardians are responsible for anything broken or damaged.

Is there anything that could prevent me from getting pierced?

We cannot pierce anyone who is pregnant or nursing. A mother's body is undergoing many changes that can make healing a piercing very difficult. Plus, in the wildly unlikely event a mother were to develop an infection that could be hazardous to the child/fetus.

No individual under the influence of drugs or alcohol can receive a piercing at our studio. Not only would someone under the influence be unable to appropriately consent to being pierced, but they would also bleed a considerable amount more.

If the area which you are requesting to have pierced is experiencing a rash, outbreak, or other condition, we ask that you return for that piercing when that part of the body is healthy and well again — it really is for the best! If you’re unsure or you feel your situation is more specific, you are always welcome to ask; we are never going to think any less of you for being sure of your health and safety.

Our piercers reserve the right to turn down any client who is being argumentative, disorderly, or does not seem mature or healthy enough to get a piercing on that particular day. That is not to say that an individual turned down for those reasons cannot get pierced at a later date.

Everyone's body is very different, and some piercings are anatomy depending and require consults prior to getting pierced to ensure your body can accommodate the piercing you're looking to receive. We won't do any piercing that we do not think is safe or would be unlikely to heal well or be comfortable. We would rather tell you the truth and turn you down for a certain piercing than take your money and leave you scarred and/or disappointed down the road.

Will you pierce with a clear retainer?

Retainers move around a great deal and could fall out significantly more easily because they are solid glass pieces with only one fixed side. We recommend them only for temporary use, so we would not pierce with them given that our aftercare also entails that you do not touch or change your piercing with the exception of appropriate downsizing as necessary until completely healed.

When can I… [go swimming/take the piercing out/put in a retainer/sleep on it/etc.]?

We recommend that you do not irritate your piercing or your body further. Our recommendation will almost always be to leave it alone until it is fully healed. If you are worried about your piercing, feel free to come in for a free consultation! We always want you to be confident in the new you.