What to Expect

At Monarch Fine Jewelry + Professional Piercing, we want to have everyone feel as calm as possible. Whether you are new to getting a piercing or simply new to the Monarch experience, knowing what to expect and what best to do to prepare can alleviate a lot of worry for everyone.


Preparing for your piercing:

To plan ahead, we always recommend making an appointment! Additionally, you should check to make sure you check some common considerations from our terms + policies, such as reasons you may not can get a piercing and our ID requirements. In addition, consider needs around children in the studio; for the safety and comfort of all involved, we can not allow unattended minors anywhere in our studio and require parents to bring an additional adult to watch children in the waiting area while you receive any piercing service.

We suggest eating a substantial meal a minimum of 2 hours prior to getting pierced.  This dramatically reduces the chances of feeling queasy or "woozy" after getting pierced.

Ibuprofen and other blood thinning medications shouldn't be taken within 4 hours of getting pierced if it can be helped. If you are on a prescription medication with blood thinning effects, we'll be more than happy to discuss how it affects your procedure. Other medications, illnesses, conditions, etc. can also affect your ability to heal a piercing and adequately fight infection. For example, we cannot pierce anyone who is pregnant or nursing. A mother's body is undergoing many changes that can make healing a piercing very difficult. Plus, in the unlikely event a mother were to develop an infection, it could be hazardous to the child/fetus. For more questions about this or other medical concerns, you may contact us or your doctor/physician.

Consuming alcohol or other controlled substances within 8 hours of your piercing can complicate your piercing procedure and affects your ability to legally consent to getting pierced.  We will not pierce anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

We also ask that you consider the healing process of your piercing and make sure that it will not interfere with your daily life. Does your employer allow visible piercings? Do you have small children that are going to pull on your piercing? Do you sleep predominantly on the side that you're having your piercing done on? Are you a swimmer that will have to use a water-proof bandage during healing? We want you to love your piercing well into the future after the piercing is done, so make sure you're able to care for it while it takes time to heal (even ear lobe piercings generally require at least two months — or more!).

Once you’ve arrived:

When you come in to see us, we'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have at any point during your visit.  

We’re also more than happy to discuss jewelry options and to assist with selecting the perfect piece of jewelry for your new or existing piercings.  Sometimes, this requires a more in-depth consultation, which might be done in the piercing room if privacy is required. All bodies are different, and piercings are generally anatomically specific, so options for certain piercings or their jewelry can vary wildly.

The jewelry selection process can be as in-depth as you would like, as we can help you custom design a piece if we do not already have something in stock that perfectly meets what you envision!

After selecting jewelry, we'll do paperwork and inform you of your total while we sterilize any and all necessary implements for your service.  This will also give you time to familiarize yourself with our aftercare recommendations so that you can discuss any questions with your piercer.  

Once in the piercing room, your piercer will go over the steps necessary for your piercing service, as well as any important notes for healing or long term care of your piercing.

Generally, piercings are quick and easy to receive; while we never rush, your time in the piercing room will be brief with your actual piercing only taking a blink of an eye to perform.  An average procedure only takes a few minutes! After washing our hands and donning gloves, we'll clean and mark your piercing site, allowing you to discuss any changes in placement you might wish.  Then we'll perform a second cleaning of your skin with a sterile, surgical skin prep, and open your sterile jewelry and piercing implements.  Your piercer will then don sterile gloves, and smoothly and efficiently pierce you and install your jewelry.

Once your piercing is complete, we'll clean you up and let you take a peek at the new you!

Not quite done…

We provide everyone with aftercare instructions, as well as a personalized piercing care plan and information about your jewelry and average healing times.  If you lose/forget those instructions, feel free to email us, or you can stop by the studio to obtain another copy.

After we settle your bill and you ask any questions you might have, you're good to go!

We encourage coming in for a free piercing check up around 3-4 weeks from the date of your piercing (2-3 weeks for oral piercings). This doesn't take much time and allows one of our piercers to make sure your piercing is healing according to plan as well as to recommend any aftercare customization or jewelry changes needed.

Many piercings do swell, and we pierce with jewelry to accommodate for that.  Once your piercing is no longer inflamed, downsizing your jewelry makes your piercing even more comfortable and prevents potential complications from excess jewelry length.  

We are always available to answer any questions, calm any concerns, or provide any advice needed about a healing piercing, or complications that may arise.  We encourage you to call, email, or visit to discuss even the slightest detail of your piercing.  

Keep in mind, there are many websites with misinformation about piercings, and advice from friends might not always be the most up to date information.  Even if you're not in the area, we can still recommend you to a colleague you can trust from our professional network.