Safety, Sterility + Going “Fully Disposable”


A story of firsts

 Monarch Fine Jewelry + Professional Piercing is the very first studio in Tennessee whose sole focus is on piercing and jewelry, as opposed to many other businesses whose attentions are scattered across multiple ventures like tattooing as well as their piercing.

We are also the first studio in the state to perform completely tool-free piercing, which means that we do not use clamps or piercing guns* for any piercing, as they add excessive pain and unnecessary risk to the experience. 

*As a note, piercing guns are potentially very dangerous and should never be used for any piercing, including ear lobes!

We offer a completely sterile piercing procedure using a cassette autoclave for point-of-procedure sterilization. In order to ensure our autoclaves are achieving proper sterilization, we spore test them weekly through an independent laboratory. We are also what we call a fully disposable studio; all jewelry and piercing implements are brand new and sterilized immediately before your procedure in one of our cutting edge autoclaves, then disposed of immediately after they're used for your piercing. We are the first studio in Tennessee and the only studio within 100 miles that is fully disposable. Nothing that touches you has touched another client, nor will anything that is used for your piercing be used on anyone else.

Additionally, our facility and piercers have successfully completed a rigorous application process to allow us to maintain membership with the Association of Professional Piercers (APP).  We exceed their strict environmental criteria in order to offer the highest level of quality and service.  Our piercers are the only members of the APP within 100 miles, which can be always be verified at