Chattanooga's first choice for body piercing.

Our focus is simple: your happiness.  Our wide selection of high end jewelry, our knowledgeable staff, and the ease and simplicity of acquiring and healing your piercing should all result in an exceptional experience, leaving you happy.


Why Choose Monarch?

Our staff is dedicated, knowledgeable, and friendly.  We love body piercing.  It's all we do.  Because our sole focus is body piercing, we're able to give all of our attention to even the smallest details of our craft, resulting in a better experience for our clients.  We offer a full range of piercing services, including custom ear projects, children's ear lobe piercing, surface piercings, and male and female genital piercings.   

Our jewelry showroom is home to Chattanooga's largest selection of jewelry for both fresh and healed piercings from the body piercing industry's most dedicated and sought after designers like ANATOMETAL, NeoMetal, LeRoi, BVLA, and Gorilla Glass.  If there were higher quality or safer jewelry available anywhere on the planet, that's what we would be using.

We offer jewelry made from 14kt and 18kt white /yellow / rose gold, ASTM f136 implant grade titanium, and lead-free borosilicate glass, as well as natural stone, wood, and other organic materials for healed piercings. All of our jewelry is nickel free, and wherever applicable, meets ASTM standards for permanent implantation into the body, as well as exceeding the Association of Professional Piercers' criteria for jewelry quality.  

Each piece of jewelry we sell is handcrafted in the United States by designers with whom we maintain a personal relationship.  Each piece also comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects, including cracked, chipped, discolored, or lost gemstones.   This means the jewelry you purchase from us is made from the safest, most hypoallergenic materials available, and will stand the test of time - it should always look as good as the first day you fell in love with it. 

We love assisting with custom designs and helping our clients source the perfect piece.  If you don't see what you're looking for,  just ask!

We are extremely proud of the many ways we stand out. Monarch Body Piercing is the very first studio in Tennessee whose sole focus is on piercing and jewelry, as opposed to many other studios that focus on other things like tattooing. We are also the first studio in the state to perform completely tool-free piercing, which means that we do not use clamps or piercing guns* for any piercing, as they add excessive pain and unnecessary risk to the experience.

*As a note, piercing guns are potentially very dangerous and should never be used for any piercing, including ear lobes!

We offer a COMPLETELY sterile piercing procedure using a cassette autoclave for point-of-procedure sterilization. All jewelry and piercing implements are brand new and sterilized immediately before your procedure in a cutting edge autoclave, then disposed of immediately after they're used for your piercing; we are the first studio in Tennessee and the only studio within 100 miles that is fully disposable. Nothing that touches you has touched another client, nor will anything that is used for your piercing be used on anyone else.

Our facility and piercers have successfully completed a rigorous application process to allow us to maintain membership with the Association of Professional Piercers.  We exceed their strict environmental criteria in order to offer the highest level of quality and service to the Chattanooga area.  Our piercers are the only members of the Association of Professional Piercers within 100 miles as well.

We take so much pride in creating a
calm, private, and professional environment, and taking the worry out of your experience. If we can answer absolutely any of the questions you may have, please do let us know. We mean it when we say, "We look forward to seeing you!"

And certainly you can see what other customers are saying about us, Our reviews can be found on several sites like Facebook, Google, and Yelp; feel free to peruse them or tell us about your own experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need An Appointment?

While we gladly offer piercing, consultations, and jewelry installation as a walk-in service, we recommend making an appointment to avoid potential time conflicts. Walk-in clients are served on a first come, first serve basis, while scheduled appointments enjoy minimal wait times!


How Do I set up an appointment?

Appointments can be booked using our online scheduling service located here, but we can also help you schedule an appointment over the phone if you have any questions or concerns.


How Much does a piercing cost?

Because we stock such a wide variety of jewelry options for initial piercings, we break our pricing down into two components: a piercing service fee and the cost of jewelry.  

Most of our piercing fees start as low as $40. The jewelry prices can vary quite a bit. A more extensive list of our piercing fees can be found on our online scheduling service located here.

Our jewelry pricing varies widely depending on material, size, and style.  Our lowest priced jewelry options are still American made implant grade titanium that exceeds the minimum standards for body jewelry as set forth by the Association of Professional Piercers.

We accept all debit cards and credit cards as well as cash, and we can split charges however you may need. We also offer Monarch Body Piercing gift cards!


What are the ID requirements and other paperwork needed to get a piercing?

Any person 18 years of age or older need only present a government issued photo ID, such as a driver's license, passport, or military ID.

Birth certificates will not be accepted for any person 18 years of age or older.

Minors must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian who also bears their government issued photo ID, as well as proof of their relationship to one another (birth certificate, guardianship paperwork, etc.).  The consenting adult must also remain in the building during entire the procedure.

If a parent/guardian's name does not match the name on the paperwork provided, we will need proof of the change in name.  For example, if a mother brings her child for a piercing and has remarried and changed her name, we will also need to see the marriage certificate.  No relative or other adult that is not the legal guardian may give consent for a minor.  

Minors who have been emancipated will need to bring documentation of proof and may consent for themselves . 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further clarification.  We absolutely require proper identification be presented before all piercing and jewelry changing procedures, even for returning clients.

What are the age requirements for your piercings?

With all clients, the proper IDs are required. The previous section covers more on this topic.

Our piercers reserve the right to make ethical decisions with minor clients and their guardians about what's best for their growing bodies.

We're very experienced with children and are always more than happy to be part of such a memorable experience.  

  • Clients 18+ years of age can enjoy our full range of services.  
  • Clients 15-17 years of age and older can enjoy our full range of services with the exception of larger gauge, surface, tongue, nipple or genital piercings.
  • Clients 12-14 years of age may receive earlobe and basic helix (cartilage of the ear) piercings only.
  • Clients 5-11 years of age may receive ear lobe piercings only.

Feel free to stop by for a free consultation any time.  This can help alleviate anxiety prior to being pierced, and allow any questions or concerns to be addressed in advance.  We've found this to be especially helpful for minors considering piercings.


What should I do to prepare for my piercing?

We recommend eating a substantial meal a minimum of 2 hours prior to getting pierced.  This dramatically reduces the chances of feeling queasy or "woozy" after getting pierced.

For the safety and comfort of all involved, we can not allow unattended minors anywhere in our studio.  We encourage parents to bring an adult to watch children in the waiting area while you receive any piercing service.

Ibuprofen and other blood thinning medications shouldn't be taken within 4 hours of getting pierced.

If you are on a prescription medication with blood thinning effects, we'll be more than happy to discuss how it affects your procedure.

Consuming alcohol or other controlled substances within 8 hours of your piercing can complicate your piercing procedure and affects your ability to legally consent to getting pierced.  We will not pierce anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What can I Expect to happen when I arrive?

When you come in to see us, we'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have at any point during your visit.  
We're always more than happy to discuss jewelry options, and to assist with selecting the perfect piece of jewelry for your new or existing piercings.  Sometimes, this requires a more in depth consultation, which might be done in the piercing room if privacy is required.

After selecting jewelry, we'll do paperwork and inform you of your total while we sterilize any and all necessary implements for your service.  This will also give you time to familiarize yourself with our aftercare recommendations so that you can discuss any questions with your piercer.  

Once in the piercing room, your piercer will go over the steps necessary for your piercing service, as well as any important notes for healing or long term care of your piercing.

Generally, piercings are quick and easy to receive, and while we never rush, your time in the piercing room will be brief, with your actual piercing only taking a blink of an eye to perform.  An average procedure only takes a few minutes: After washing our hands and donning gloves, we'll clean and mark your piercing site, allowing you to discuss any changes in placement you might wish.  Then we'll perform a second cleaning of your skin with a sterile, surgical skin prep, and open your sterile jewelry and piercing implements.  Your piercer will then don sterile gloves, and smoothly and efficiently pierce you and install your jewelry.

Once your piercing is complete, we'll clean you up and let you take a peek at the new you!

What happens after the piercing is done?

We provide everyone with written aftercare instructions, as well as a personalized piercing care plan and information about your jewelry and average healing times.  If you lose those instructions, feel free to email us, or you can stop by the studio to obtain another copy.

After we settle your bill and you ask any questions you might have, you're good to go!

We encourage coming in for a free piercing check up around 3-4 weeks from the date of your piercing (2-3 weeks for oral piercings). This doesn't take much time, and allows one of our piercers to make sure your piercing is healing according to plan as well as to recommend any aftercare customization or jewelry changes needed.

Many piercings do swell, and we pierce with jewelry to accommodate for that.  Once your piercing is no longer inflamed, downsizing your jewelry makes your piercing even more comfortable, and prevents potential complications from excess jewelry length.  

We are always available to answer any questions, calm any concerns, or provide any advice needed about a healing piercing, or complications that may arise.  We encourage you to call, email, or visit to discuss even the slightest detail of your piercing.  

Keep in mind, there are many websites with misinformation about piercings, and advice from friends might not always be the most up to date information.  Even if you're not in the area, we can still recommend you to a colleague you can trust from our professional network.

Meet Monarch

Our piercers have worked in many world-class studios across the United States. They have brought their passion and knowledge of body piercing to the Tri-State area to offer a new level of quality that truly is the best in Chattanooga.  All of our piercers are members of the Association of Professional Piercers and constantly research medical parallels to body piercing as well as attending annual continuing education opportunities.  

og image.jpg

Kelly Carvara studied biomedical engineering in college before deciding to pursue piercing as a lifetime career in 2009.  She then honed her skills under the watchful eye of APP President Jef Saunders at the world renowned Rockstar Body Piercing in Providence, Rhode Island.  After successfully completing her apprenticeship, she pierced at Rockstar for several years before migrating south.  

She has visited and pierced alongside many of the country's most well known piercers, in addition to having completed both basic and advanced piercing technique intensives led by one of the most notable figures in the body piercing world, Fakir Musafar.  Kelly is a self-proclaimed "gym rat" and trains as a competitive arm wrestler in her spare time. She is also crazy about her dogs, Dixie and Bossman. Ask about them to see her light up!

We chose the name Monarch for a few reasons:

  • Monarch butterflies are known for their ability to travel thousands of miles in their lives.  We love traveling, and believe that sometimes happiness requires a journey (even if you don't go anywhere) to be realized in full.
  • Butterflies undergo a few transformations in their lives, and as such, have always been a metaphor for introspection,  growth, and self-improvement.  Just like caterpillars become beautiful creatures of flight, we enjoy helping our clients transform themselves by improving their appearance and overcoming their fear associated with body piercing.  
  • "Monarch" also refers to royalty or a head of state.  We are all royalty in our own special way, and we all rule the "kingdom" of our own bodies.  Exercising our reign over ourselves shows that we hold ourselves in high esteem, and others should as well.

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